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Anti English Despots exposed !!

  Our Purpose
The reason that this site exists is simply because it is time to give a voice to the
utter  pain and outrageous suffering caused to many families by blundering and incompetent Social workers, Councils, Judges and Solicitors.  We are not militant, we are not anarchists, we are simply normal people who have suffered at the hands of any of the above and see the internet as a channel to  voice our opinions, meet, and if we can, make a difference by turning the tide on these sorry individuals, who talismanically carry round their well practised "not listening" skills, which only leads us to suppose that they are either spectacularly ignorant or just plain simple deaf !!
  Crackpot SS exposed

Rosemary Nixon AKA Weston, the SS involved with a child killer who regularly destroys families and lies in court.  She covers for criminals whoText Box: Free Margherita Caminita  - Read
she sleeps with, treats mothers with contempt and still has a job.  This story will tug at your heart strings and move you to tears.

She has already featured on this site - read.  We are investigating ways to bring her to justice.

Part two now online

It is painful  and harrowing, you have been warned - READ


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What a larf !  The BASW or British Association of Social Workers condemn us.  Do they really think that this bothers us........No, but it did tickle us.  Imagine a bunch of flowery dresses and tweed jackets with elbow patches sitting in a room, the aroma of coffee thickly hanging to everything, pontificating about those naughty people who dare to find fault with them......Read

We have kindly been forwarded a copy of the scary letter sent to our hosts by lawyers acting on behalf of Cambridge SS dept. Ok, so out a a matter of decency, we took her home address out and put in her work address, which is public domain property.  But the rest remains, as clearly they have something dark and sinister to hide.                                                                                                                        



By Reynard.Vulpes

A famous writer and broadcaster of the 1960’s once said of the County Council Social Services, that "if Engineers built cities in the way that Social Services managed their departments, then a single woodpecker could destroy civilization".  When he wrote this over thirty years ago, Malcolm Muggeridge was responding to the action of a Social Service department in supporting the action taken by an "incomptetent, status-seeking, social worker" who gave back an eight year old child into the custody of an  18stone, drunken, abusive father after the child had been on the ‘At Risk’ register.

That child was Maria Caldwell, who was eventually beaten to death by her father.

Now, thirty odd years later, that incompetence is still inherent in the Social Services structure and made apparent by various similar cases like Victoria Climbie and Ricky Neave , both beaten to death by relatives, only Victoria Climbie was tortured in the remaining days of her poor life.

This e-publication, ‘Blundering News’, is intended to expose the total incompetence of Social Workers whose real objectives seem to be status seeking within the structure of their profession. The power given to these ‘professionals’ by legislation is frequently abused to enhance their own status within the organization much to the detriment of the recipients of Social Care.

The whole point of Blundering News is to expose the shortcomings of Social Service departments to prevent these abuses of children and the most vulnerable in our society.

Have they learned anything from these deaths over the last thirty years? Is it to go on for another thirty years? Are they too arrogant to accept that it is their incompetence that result in child murders. Ricky Neave, a child in Peterborough was on the ‘At Risk’ register with Social Services. Peterborough is under the control of Combs Social Services, Shire Hall, Cambridge. The Director of Social Services for Cambridgeshire is Liz Railton and her policies, therefore SHE is ultimately responsible for her staff and their actions.

The Police Chief and the Director

Blundering News recently published a résumé and policies of the Director of Cambridgeshire Social Services Department, Liz Railton. She did not like what had been written about her nor the factual publication of her home address. She initiated the FULL force of the Legal Services and a letter from these ‘sleazy’ lawyers who threatened ‘action’ against this publication. This was followed by a further letter from a Senior Officer of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary demanding that the home address of Ms Railton be removed, as it was put, ‘for her safety’. What a pity that the same concern is not extended to the recipients of Social Service Care.

Was the ‘action’ threatened by Ms Railton’s Lawyers put into action by the Police after a meeting at the local ‘LODGE’ ? Who knows? The system is so corrupt that many facets are hidden but available.

The producers of Blundering News did remove Ms Railton’s address but as a matter of courtesy and good will for they do not want to endanger the safety of Ms Railton. What a pity that the same approach is not offered to her Social Services Clients.



 Tell us your stories.............dont let them get away with it..........

Censored !!!!! 30th April   Guess what ?  Yes, that's right, we have been censored now.  Our new host received a complaint from Bedford County Council's Solicitor, who cited defamations, and a number of other scary words that lead to our host making us take down any information relating to their own Ms Liz Railton.  Don't worry, we are actively looking for a host who will laugh at the empty sabre-rattling of English government lawyers.  Then the news will be back with added fervour and commitment.  Bedford CC wants war, well, let's give it to them.  After all, it is only the truth that they are trying to bury, and we will not let that happen.  If we are offline for a day or so, keep coming back, we wont be away for long.  What ever happened to free speech ?, especially in America where our site is hosted.  Don't forget to vote

Censored again !!! February 2003 -

And again !!! April 2003 -

This site has moved. Our new URL is :

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Due to demand, we are expanding this site to include the Blundering activities of Councils, Judges, Lawyers and now Companies too.  If you have a complaint, let us know.  Give us the details and we will name and shame those who behave badly, criminally or with contempt.   Who is first ? that's up to you folks.  Send your stories, let's name and shame 'em       First expose will be Ernst & Young.  Yes, one of the big 5 erm 4 accountants firms.  You will learn that the advice they give is not what they practice, even though they charge hundreds per hour for the privilege

It is odd how the profession of being a Social Worker attracts people whom are unemployable in the commercial world.  In an environment where each individual has to justify their presence by results, and in tough market conditions, the type of person whom usually chooses a career in Social work would never survive.  Indeed, our vast experience shows that the majority of these people are of low intellect, have serious character disorders, are radical left wingers whom rebel against authority and/or commerce, or simply people whom want an easy ride.  They (social workers) have engineered a wall of falsehoods around their professional, suggesting that they are decent respectable people, when the reality is a distinct contrast. What we find is a group of lying, cheating, calculating autocrats whom have impoverished lives and use their job as a means to indulge their fantasies of wielding a big stick over others in an attempt to feel powerful.  Indeed, we find sworn feminists in charge of child protection unit's, who are on record saying that all men are abusers and should be castrated at birth.  This is the society we live in, where pot smoking bra burning left wing radicals, Hetero-phobic gays and Dumwits can get a job that endowers them with such amazingly destructive power.  The fact is................not many people like Social workers !!               

 The same can be said for a lot of "Local Government Officers", does that title not make you cringe ??? !!!!!   These petty-fogging jobsworths and Airhead Yum-yums love to describe themselves in such a way that it elevates their self important view of whom they are.  Sad really, don't they know that the only reason they work there, is because no-one else would give them a job ?  They are too much trouble

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Whilst this site is dedicated to revealing the truth and exposing blundering Social Workers, we also welcome cases that involve other people, such as Ex partners and their families whom have had a hand in destroying you or your family.  We will publish details of their activities, their addresses, and their photo's were supplied


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The campaign to free Margherita Caminta has been taken up by this organisation.  How can Bedford Social Services get away with imprisoning and old and infirm lady against her wishes and refuse access to legal, medical and family visitors ?  The full story is here

Tell your friends about us, tell your Social Worker about us. Tell everyone.


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Our aim is to provide a focal point for those of you whom have suffered gross injustice at the hands of Social Workers.  This portal will expose the incredible and monstrous activities that normally go without redress, committed by these Civil Servants.

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When Social Workers, Judges or solicitors trample through your life causing utter           despair and misery, there is little you can do other than use their own official complaints  procedure, until now.  In the Hall of Shame we will publish material such as name, home  address and photo's of the worst offenders, along with examples of their activities. ( You  will have to supply this

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